- Aquila Dolomites Residence
 - Aquila Dolomites Residence
 - Aquila Dolomites Residence

Spring holidays in the Dolomites

Adventure and relaxation in the centrally located flats of the Aquila Dolomites Residence between snow-capped peaks and blooming meadows

Mild days &
alpine pastures

At no other time of the year does nature show itself so full of contrasts as in spring, when the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites stand out above the lush alpine meadows and pastures dotted with so many different flowers. To this joy for the eyes are added the chirping of birds and the murmur of waterfalls and streams that gush down into the valley. The days get longer and the temperatures become milder.
It is the time of magic: from the water of the thaw, lakes of bright blue are born as if from nothing, which, within a few weeks, sink back into the earth, leaving an expanse of green meadows as a gift.

Trekking, walking & mountain biking

Lots of activities among the flower meadows and mountains - In spring, when Nature is returning to life in the Val Gardena, it's even more tempting to be out in the sunshine, walking or riding a bike.

Hundreds of activities in the heart of Val Gardena

The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wonderful setting for many activities. Not just skiing, but also evocative walks, exciting climbs, challenging treks and enjoyable cycle rides.

Central, convenient and safe location

The Aquila Dolomites Residence is located in a traffic-free zone in the centre of Ortisei, and therefore both convenient and quiet. The shops and other amenities are just a few minutes' walk away, and the ski lifts and trails are also nearby.

Skiing at the end of the season

Ortisei is the place for a final ski before the end of the season, with the peaks of the Dolomites still covered in snow and the lush alpine meadows full of colourful flowers. Skiing in springtime is an amazing experience: put your skis on and admire all the wonderful natural aspects of this mountain paradise.

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